Citation Technologies' Regulatory Analyst of the Month

by  Alli Ligget 8. March 2013

Citation Technologies has a team of highly educated Regulatory Analysts who prepare the content for the company’s EH&S compliance software, the Compliance Suite.

This monthly Q&A series highlights the individual members of this top-notch team.  March’s Analyst of the Month is Robert Fraley!


Robert (Rob) Fraley, Senior Regulatory Analyst

Citation News Editor: Where are you from?

Rob: All over…Japan, Taiwan, California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Maryland

What is your education background?

Bachelor Science in Geology; Defense Language Institute – Monterey- Korean              

When and how did you become a regulatory analyst?

Mere luck

What is your area of expertise/ what are the jurisdictions you cover?

Australia (some call me the King of Australia…get itJ) New Zealand, South Africa, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Minnesota and California and have dabbled in more (Botswana, Germany, Washington, Washington DC, Arizona).

What is a typical day of work like for you? 

Wake up.  Turn computer on.  Have a cup of coffee.  Have another cup of coffee.  Start researching.  Have another cup of coffee.  Keep researching.  Keep researching.  Enter search results.  Have a cup of coffee.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Hiking, Reading, Hanging out with Friends

What is the strangest regulation you’ve come across?

Not sure we can print it but it was regarding the transportation of horse semen in Illinois.

What are your thoughts regarding the effectiveness of cloud-based technology in the EH&S realm?

I think that it is a great trend in other endeavors and feel that it will be great for EHS.

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