Citation puts all its Resources on Compliance Management

by  Citation Admin 2. July 2012

Today Citation Technologies made a bold corporate move.  Our signature regulatory research product, CyberRegs® was sold to IHS, a leading source of information, insight, and analytics.


Citation and IHS have had a long and fruitful relationship in the areas of regulatory information and standards.  The sale of CyberRegs to IHS will enhance the delivery of regulatory content to their customers.

With the sale, Citation Technologies is now free to fully focus all of its resources on continuing to build and enhance its compliance management product, the Compliance Suite (formerly ART). 

Citation has seen phenomenal interest in the product line and has been asked to consider many additions to current functionality and scope.


To our current customers using ART, now called Compliance Suite Build, there will be very little change, if any. 


A Build customer working in a U.S. jurisdiction will soon use new functionality to view the full text of the requirement as part of the ART review process. 


Those customers who are using CyberRegs Determine, which was more linked to CyberRegs itself, will be given a free upgrade to ART, now called Citation Build, for the duration of their subscription. 


By focusing the whole company on compliance management, our mindset will not be distracted as it sometimes was with the broader product mix. 


Our IT developers will not need to build and maintain separate platforms, our editors will be more closely linked with our analysts and our marketing and sales efforts will be fixated singularly on compliance management.  


Product Management has a whole series of new applications, functionality enhancements to existing customers, scope expansions and other exciting approaches now being placed on the drawing boards.


As we realign ourselves to best use our resources, please be patient with us in the short term, but feel confident that in the long term we will have available the best application suite for assisting in the decision-making and management of regulatory compliance.


Citation Technologies is more committed than ever to giving you the absolute highest quality and best service in helping you with your compliance assurance needs.  Watch this space to keep you informed as we solidify our plans and approaches.

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